Never work with another cross-border payment infrastructure company

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October 12, 2023

Machnet Technologies Inc.

Never Work with Another Payment Infrastructure Company

What is the number 1 reason businesses need a reliable cross-border payment infrastructure? To change the game.

Whether it is a business providing job opportunities to remote workers, empowering migrant workers to send their hard-earned money back home or a business looking to invent itself in a new market- the goal for you remains the same- to make a difference, and Machnet is here to help make that happen. 

It is not just enough that you can collect, disburse and send payments; what matters is how that’s done.

  • How long will it take to build the infrastructure?
  • How complicated is the process of building?
  • How much will it cost to go live?
  • Can they rely on you and your services?
  • Can they trust you and your platform?

Think about a mother working abroad, tirelessly, to send her son’s tuition in time for his exams. Now picture a husband scrolling through the internet to find the perfect gift for his wife for their anniversary. What about the freelancer juggling 3 jobs to put food on her table? How you build your service will make a big difference to them. 

So, it is no longer an issue of what you can do for them, but how well you can do it, and that’s where we come in. 

Machnet lets you do exactly that! Our cross-border payment infrastructure builds businesses that help your users send and receive money quickly, affordably, and seamlessly – without skipping the compliance!

We want to help! Let us help you build solutions to your existing problems. Our role here will be in assisting you in giving more people access to the global financial system. 

Here are few use-cases that you can build out using Machnet’s Single API to move money cross-border. 

Remittance Services

Did you know that Western Union charges $42 for every $500 you send to the Philippines? That’s a whopping 8.4%! And they add an extra $20 for every succeeding $500 after, which hikes it up to a 12% charge. That $62 is at least 4 hours of waiting tables and can cover a family’s grocery expenses for 2 weeks. 

You can add Remittance-as-a-Service to your already existing digital platform, which doesn’t just give you an additional revenue stream but is also a further facility for people in your community. With Machnet’s cross-border payment infrastructure, they can now send money home for way cheaper. 

Win-Win, isn’t it?

Bill Payment Solution

Setting up bill payments might be complicated. It is not just hard to set up but sharing personal information, giving out your details and looking out for surprise payments gets frustrating. Well, leave that to us. We can help you build a payment system that caters to your customer’s personal payment needs. 

If you’re in the business of making bills payments easier, working with Machnet’s API will allow you to integrate your application with local bill payment aggregators, merchants, and billers, to make paying their bills more convenient.

That means your business will be able to make a lasting impact on people who matter. Say a daughter working abroad sending her parents a surprise gift; she would be able to make a beautiful memory even from afar and those moments are what count. 

Machnet’s cross-border payment infrastructure is built for impact. It’s built for moments like these. We want to enable access to the global financial system in ease. 

Collect Payments from US Customers & Pay Globally

With the unemployment rate rising all over the globe, people are either left without a job or stuck with a job that pays pennies on the dime. What if we tell you there is an untouched market waiting for you to tap in? Through our services, you get to create a digital marketplace that helps people get connected to higher-quality clientele.

We provide tools that allow your platform to not only connect with clients from the US but to receive payment and build “send invoice” feature, allowing your users to make payments seamlessly.  

You’ve seen the gaps in the market in developing places, and now you want to do something about it? You can help digital nomads, freelancers, or people working remotely get fair employment that compensates them right! With Machnet’s infrastructure, you can be a part of the solution.

Build Request-for-payment 

Anyone who has ever had to be an independent contractor knows how uncomfortable requesting for payment can be. “Uhm hey, it’s time for my payout by the way”

Doesn’t sound comfortable, does it? Sometimes you send an invoice that gets buried in the hundreds of emails in their inbox. It happens!

But what if it was someone’s salary? What if a payment got stuck because of it? How do you work with that? Requesting for payment shouldn’t be that difficult or ~awkward~ to begin with. And we’re 100% with you when it comes to building a solution that makes requesting for payments convenient and straight to the point. 

Our cross-border payment infrastructure lets you build a digital solution that can templatize and automate invoicing, so it doesn’t have to be such a pain. You can even customize it to your payment needs which allows transfers to bank accounts, wallets, or even cards!

Business Payments

The best business moves are those with other businesses. It’s when you’re able to work with like-minded organizations to build something impactful that you truly moving into creating something meaningful. Like that time UNICEF and Target partnered through their Kid Power Campaign to raise funds and help support malnourished kids worldwide, setting a great example. And we’d love to see more of these campaigns come about, but can you imagine how meticulous the process of sending money across might have been? Especially from one business to an organization or even to another business?

With a little help from us. you can be that bridge that makes more powerful initiatives happen. You can be the platform big corporations hop on to look for global organizations they want to help or businesses they want to fund.Our cross-border payment infrastructure only requires a one-time set up. After that. your clients can send their monetary support across the globe to the organization they support, their subsidiaries, or to compensate volunteers in various countries.

We believe many solutions are just waiting to be built, and our mission is to help make that happen. We aim To bring the world closer together, to help businesses work together towards a common goal, to help families rise, and help people be there for one another. 

We’re more than just about moving money across the ocean. 

We’re about helping you get there. 

We’re about making sure every penny counts.

We’re about building solutions with you for things that can be done much better.

We are here to stay, to not change the market, but to help you create one. 

Let’s make it happen!

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