Offer international money transfer services


Integrate our API in your website and mobile app to start offering remittance services to individual customers in the US.


Partner with Machnet to offer payout services if you are an MTO, NBFI or FI

offer remittance dashboard

Designed for Developers

curl -X POST
/transactions \  
-HAccept: application/json’ \  
-HX-Client-Id: clientid’ \  
-H ‘X-Client-Secret: clientsecret’ \  
-H ‘X-Idempotency-Key: idempotencykey’ \  
-d { \    “sender_amount”: 0.01, \    
“exchange_rate”: 1.00, \
“recipient_amount”: 0.01, \
 “sender_funding_account_id”: “string”, \
    “payout_method”: “BANK_EPOSIT” \   


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