Platform Features

Machnet's cross-border payments platform comes with built-in compliance infrastructure and fraud prevention solutions. Collect payments from any of the 50 US states and disburse payments worldwide.

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Collect payments from customers

Collect payments from customers via their bank accounts from all 50 states in the US
Link customer cards to collect payments
Improve overall user experience and onboard individual customers with real-time KYC
Onboard business customers using our industry-leading KYB
collect payments
hold funds

Hold funds in your wallet

store funds
Enable customers to store funds in a Digital Wallet
load ACH
Load Wallet via ACH and Debit Cards
send remittance
Send international remittance, wallet-to-wallet transfers & bill payments

Payout funds in 100+ countries

send payments
Send payments to individuals, suppliers, business customers, and billers in 100+ countries. See our global payout network.
paout funds
Payout funds into bank accounts, wallets, cards, or in cash
end to end solution
Use our end-to-end solution which includes origination and payout or just our payout solution based on your use case
built-in compliance infrastructure

Built-in compliance infrastructure

use license
Go to market without the hassle of acquiring your own licenses. We help you meet all financial regulatory requirements.
fulfill conpliance
Fulfill all compliance requirements with instant KYC / KYB, tier-based risk management and payment verification
Leverage our monitoring system that continuously learns and adapts to fight fraud and identity trends
mitigate risks
Mitigate risks with anti-money laundering (AML) checks and sanction screening

Built-in fraud prevention solution

real time trasaction scoring
Our real-time transaction scoring, based on thousands of signals, helps you identify high-risk transactions
fraud transaction
Prevent fraud transactions using advanced checks that flag stolen or synthetic identities
Identify suspicious users
Identify suspicious users during online registration using device fingerprints
autenticate users
Integrate 3D Secure and authenticate users to make sure that the user is the rightful card owner
fraud prevention