Build your own cross-border payments & banking

Our platform provides you all the banking and compliance
relationships, so you can build, launch and grow your local and
global business faster


Why Machnet

Launch in less than 4 weeks

Build in our sandbox. Test in our production staging. Go live.

Save 95% in fixed and
monthly costs

Build in our sandbox. Test in our production staging. Go live.

Built for scale

Build in our sandbox. Test in our production staging. Go live.


Our Products


Complete payment origination package including licenses and payment processing.
Collect funds using ACH and cards from individuals and businesses.


Payout to individuals, businesses and billers around the world in your preferred currency.

Card Insurance

Fully programmable and customizable debit cards to your individual and business users.


Open and manage bank accounts for your users to deposit, send, receive and spend.


Use Cases

International money transfers

Individual remittance transfers to family and friends

Cross-border business payments

Enable your users to create & send invoices

Offer multiple payout options to your users in 100+ countries

Bill Payments

Your users can directly pay bills back home for themselves or their loved ones.

1000+ billers across 24 countries are connected in our network

Notify your users that they have a new bill due

Provide value added service to build a rapport with your users

Bank account

FDIC insured deposit bank account with account & routing number

Build digital wallet for your users to deposit, send & receive funds

Enable your user to send/receive peer-to-peer transfers for free

Allow your users to send US-domestic and international wires

Card issuance

Issue free virtual debit card to your individual & business users

Issue physical debit card to your individual & business users

Enable your users to pay at any online or offline merchants

Create a neo banking platform for your users


Designed for Developers

curl -X POST{senderId}/transactions \  
-H ‘Accept: application/json’ \  
-H ‘X-Client-Id: clientid’ \  
-H ‘X-Client-Secret: clientsecret’ \  
-H ‘X-Idempotency-Key: idempotencykey’ \  
-d { \    “sender_amount”: 0.01, \    
“exchange_rate”: 1.00, \    
“recipient_amount”: 0.01, \  
“fee_amount”: 0, \    
“recipient_currency”: “string”, \    
“sender_id”: “string”, \    
“note”: “string”, \  
“remittance_purpose”: “string”, \  
“ip_address”: “string”, \    
“payout_method”: “BANK_EPOSIT” \  

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