Starting a US to Mexico remittance business

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February 1, 2024
Starting a US to Mexico remittance business | Machnet Technologies

Nestled in North America and sharing a border with the United States, Mexico is a significant player in the global economic landscape. With a population surpassing 126 million and boasting a GDP of approximately $1.3 trillion USD in 2021, Mexico's presence resonates on the international stage. In the intricate tapestry of global remittances, Mexico stands as one of the foremost recipients. 

The mexican remittance scene

In 2021, Mexico saw an influx of around $51.6 billion USD in remittances, predominantly emanating from the United States. This flow of funds is powered by the Mexican diaspora, particularly those residing in the US, who undertake a crucial role in not just supporting their families but also contributing to the nation's economic growth. 

Central to this remittance phenomenon is the expansive Mexican diaspora residing in the United States, a community estimated to exceed 36 million strong. Vital states like California, Texas, and Florida host significant Mexican populations, forming the bedrock of a thriving cross-border connection. Driven by aspirations for improved economic prospects and a higher quality of life, many Mexicans undertake the journey to the US, forming a foundation for a prosperous diaspora.

Fueling mexican dreams

Remittances have a significant impact on Mexico's economy, with the country being a major recipient of funds from its diaspora, mainly located in the United States.These funds play a vital role in supporting Mexican families, helping cover daily expenses, education, healthcare, and even local businesses. However, challenges such as exchange rate fluctuations and high fees still exist, creating opportunities for innovative fintech solutions to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of remittance services.

Homegrown fintech innovators

Mexico's fintech landscape is fostering innovation in digital remittances. Companies like Bitso and Cuenca are streamlining cross-border money transfers, offering speed and cost-efficiency. Still, there are significant market opportunities to start a US to Mexico remittance business. 

 Some home-grown innovative startups that are reshaping the remittance landscape are:

  • Cuenca: Cuenca is a Mexican fintech company that offers digital financial services, including cross-border remittances. It provides a user-friendly app for sending and receiving money from the United States to Mexico.
  • Dinero Express: Dinero Express is a Mexican remittance company that operates a network of agent locations and partners in both the United States and Mexico. It offers various options for sending money to Mexico.
  • AirTM: AirTM is a digital wallet and peer-to-peer exchange platform based in Mexico. While it primarily focuses on currency exchange and digital asset management, it also provides options for cross-border money transfers.
  • Transfer Zero: Transfer Zero is a Mexican remittance company that specializes in US to Mexico money transfers. It offers competitive exchange rates and low fees for its services.
  • SuperMex: SuperMex is another Mexican remittance company that facilitates money transfers from the United States to Mexico. It offers both online and agent-based services. 
  • Bitso Transfer : While not a traditional cross-border money transfer service like those used for sending US dollars from the United States to Mexico, Bitso is a cryptocurrency exchange and fintech platform . In 2022 alone Bitso handled $1 billion in crypto remittances between Mexico and the U.S.

Starting a US to Mexico remittance business

Starting a US to Mexico remittance business can be a challenging endeavor. In-depth research of the market, compliance with licensing regulations, and crafting a robust digital business model are essential. However, partnering with a digital remittance fintech provider can simplify this complex journey, allowing you to create a secure, user-friendly platform.

For those poised to enter the US-Mexico remittance arena, Machnet's Remittance-as-a-Service (RaaS) program is a strategic ally. It navigates complexities, from compliance to technology, providing a solid foundation for your business to thrive.

Embarking on US to Mexico remittances goes beyond business; it's a commitment to weaving families, communities, and economies together. By aligning market insights, regulatory compliance, and technological excellence, you can forge a pathway to a prosperous remittance service that bolsters families, ignites economic growth, and fosters financial inclusion.

If you're interested in how Machnet's RaaS program can kickstart your business, don't hesitate to shoot us a message.

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