Machnet sells pizza in the fntech market

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September 21, 2022
Machnet sells pizza in the Fintech Market

Machnet is a US-based Fintech company that sells pizza in the global marketplace.

Machnet provides you with incredible pizza with the flexibility to customize it as per your preferences. You can add your toppings, and decorate it, giving it a lavish look. This might sound surprising and confusing but you heard it right. You might be wondering how a fintech company like Machnet, sells pizza, so let's dive deeper and see how.  

Pizza is one of the most loved cuisines in the world. What makes us drool over pizza is also its crust since pizza can’t be loved if it doesn’t have the best crust. Likewise, Machnet provides you with a Payment as a Service (PaaS) API platform which acts like the best crust if you want to start your own international money transfer business.

The deliciously seasoned crust makes the pizza amazingly crunchy in a way that other people can hear you take a bite. Similarly, Machnet’s API makes your international payment application tempting and alluring to your customers, creating a huge attraction in the remittance market.

The chef’s magic touch and hands-on expertise are required to make the perfectly kneaded dough for the smooth texture of the pizza crust. For the smooth onboarding of your customers, collecting funds, and paying out to your desired countries from the US, Machnet fulfills all the compliance, regulatory, and banking requirements on your behalf to help you focus on building, launching, and scaling your business.

Just like the crust of the pizza is made up of various ingredients and seasonings to make it awesome, Machnet provides you with the API fully integrated with all the compliance and infrastructure requirements to build your own splendid cross-border remittance business app or website.

The fresh and aromatic sauce, variety of cheese, and delicious seasonings make the pizza succulent and give your taste buds a heavenly experience. Similar to that, Machnet’s API has perfectly innovative features that help provide you with a fully equipped application to move money across borders originating from the US. Let’s look into some of the major features of Machnet’s PaaS API.

Features of Machnet’s PaaS API


This feature enables you to collect payments from customers. Customers can connect their bank accounts and cards to make payments via ACH or card. The cool part is the customer’s bank account and the card gets instantly verified and they can enjoy a seamless user experience.


With this feature, you can let your customers send payments to any individuals, be it their friends, family, or loved ones, any businesses like schools, or construction companies, and pay to verified vendors and billers. This most loved feature provides coverage to payout in 120+ countries of the world.  
You have the freedom to payout the customer funds into bank accounts, wallets, cards, or cash payout as per the accessibility and necessity. No hassle of depending on us to maintain FX settlement and payout- you can do it on your own.


This feature is the superpower of Machnet’s API. The built-in compliance infrastructure provides uninterrupted customer onboarding with real-time KYC. The AML checks, sanctions screening, and continuous monitoring system help mitigate risk and learn and adapt to fight any fraud as well as identify trends. This feature provides a fully compliant and regulated platform to operate any money transfer business without the hassle of acquiring an MSB license.

Fraud Prevention

The built-in fraud prevention solution feature provides real-time transaction scoring which is based on thousands of signals. This feature enables you to flag any suspicious users during online registration through device fingerprints. Also, the feature can perform advanced checks to identify any stolen or synthetic identities and stop the transaction.

These features of Machnet’s PaaS API to the fintech market, especially the remittance business, are like the well-balanced combination of tomato sauce seasoned with herbs and spices, mozzarella cheese, and exotic toppings for a die-heart pizza lover. Once you try it, you don’t want to go elsewhere for cross-border services to build your unique and trustworthy international money transfer application.

Furthermore, you can garnish the pizzas with your favorite spices, say oregano, chilly flakes, and drops of olive oil to have your own desired taste. Likewise, you can offer various types of services by building on top of Machnet’s API platform to provide your distinctive products in the remittance market. You can offer international money transfer services by embedding Machnet’s API into your website or app to start offering remittance services to individual customers in the US market.

The other service you can offer is international business payment services to enable US businesses to send payments globally. You can also enable your customers to pay merchants, businesses, schools, hospitals, etc in the receiving country directly from the US by offering international bill payment solutions. You can come up with numerous ideas and solutions and start your own extraordinary money movement business by building on top of Machnet’s API.

Just like the pizza takes 8 to 15 minutes to perfectly bake depending on its crust and size, it just takes 6 weeks to build your complete platform to start your cross-border remittance platform, depending on your resources and requirements.

Since a bit of a mistake in the proportion of ingredients can make the pizza horrible, the chefs are very careful and precise with their measurements and resources, just like Machnet does  all the heavy lifting of compliance, regulatory requirements, and banking solutions. Also, with the magnificent pizza as an API, Machnet provides you with the complementary dish of excellent customer services, such as API documentation, kick-off calls, and several pieces of training throughout your integration phase and after you Go - live with your system.

Well, now you might be crystal clear on how it is possible to sell wonderful pizza in the fintech market with Machnet. If you want to taste Machnet’s instant pizza, you can sign up for Machnet’s Sandbox right now. If you want to know more about Machnet and its product, you can contact the sales team with your information and queries by filling out the form.

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