Machnet - A fintech leveler

4 mins
January 18, 2022

Machnet Technologies Inc.

A fintech leveller

Technology - the big savior and the big leveler. We have heard and seen this play out so many times. Technology is a great leveler bringing the have and have-nots together on the same playing field and playing (mostly) by the same rules. Because technologies are usually governed by protocols and protocols don’t judge based on status, location, wealth, sex, religion, etc. We have numerous examples of this. 

Technology is also the biggest element driving globalization. It took 1,000 years for the invention of paper to spread from China to Europe. Today in our integrated world, innovations spread faster and through many channels and are always at the tip of your finger. A viral video is accessible a few seconds after it was created instantly on TikTok, Twitter, etc. We have seen how much Facebook has contributed to bringing us closer, Google has made all the world’s information accessible with just one click, Wi-Fi, and smartphones to work and connect and contribute to our economy from any corner of the world. This is a massive win for humanity in such a short amount of time. 

While this is all great, we still haven’t seen the same level of access and progress when it comes to financial services and financial technology ( aka Fintech). Fintech still needs to evolve one generation more to be really into the same league. We still see, when it comes to fintech, your socio-economic status matters, your connection matters, and your geography matters. Access is still one huge barrier. This isn’t as bad as in some developed nations like the US and Singapore but in most of the world, this is still a huge challenge. That is why we are focusing on building Machnet for cross-border businesses. 

Our vision at Machnet is to enable anyone access to the global financial infrastructure at scale. In a sense, we want to level the playing field for all small and medium businesses around the globe so they can have access to all the tools and processes needed to build applications for billions of people. We are democratizing access to the global economy so our customers can compete on a global scale. At our core, our goal is to help with value (money, convenience, care, etc.) distribution at scale with zero friction. We want great builders all around the world to be able to build their solutions for their global audience without any limitations. That’s why we have built Machnet’s payment infrastructure that gives full access to the global financial system with ease so builders can focus on doing what they do best - building the best products and solutions and constantly delighting their customers. 

We are living in an unprecedented era—technology is shattering boundaries, enabling anyone to participate. We want to be that force in the Fintech space enabling anyone to participate in the global financial system. We are determined to make a dent in leveling the fintech space.

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