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October 12, 2023
client success

Believe it or not, FinTech is the new cool. The FinTech industry has grown so rapidly that this space is now worth $179 billion as of 2022. Many startups are trying to thrive in this race to be one of the most competitive FinTech companies. Among all those ambitious ones, Machnet Technologies Inc is one of them aiming for success in this industry. Machnet offers Payment as a Service product providing services to clients globally to move money simply and securely.

Of the many departments here at Machnet, Client Success continuously puts in the effort to help clients onboard into our company, integrate into our system, support them to go live and maintain their post-live status. As a department, we ensure that our clients succeed in their journey as long as they want to operate in the FinTech world. We also make sure that they also have an amazing customer experience with us as we work to serve the best.

This Department in Machnet was solely established to add value to the product i.e. the cross-border payment platform. In this business, one size doesn’t fit all, so we need to figure out how the product can work the best for the clients to provide the highest value possible.

After the sales team signs the client, they hand them over to the Client Success Department. From there on, CSD is the main Point of Contact for the clients. The department is the face of the company and has calls with the clients frequently. Starting with the onboarding, we make sure that we have fully understood the use case of the client before hopping in for a call. 


After a thorough understanding of the client’s use case, we start our first phase of the journey i.e., Onboarding the clients. We sit on a call with our clients and build a good rapport.  The major highlights of the first phase are:

  • Introductions
  • Integration Timelines
  • Product Walkthroughs
  • Communication Platform Setup
  • Configuration 

By this time, we build a solid relationship with one another to ensure that we can offer the kind of services to our clients that suit them the best. It can be as simple as setting up a call depending on their time zone, or just creating a channel for them in our communication platform to answer their immediate queries.


As clients get comfortable with us, we move to the second phase, i.e., Integration. In this phase, clients try out our product in a sandbox environment. This is a collaborative process where a lot of questions are asked and solutions are explored. All in all we make sure that we are there to support the clients in every step of the process. 

Client Success is the mediator between clients and all other departments, be it Finance, Compliance, Product, and so on, which means we are the face of the company. In this phase, we ensure that clients are fully compliant, experts in the sandbox environment, and know how they will carry out their business in the production environment. 


Once fully integrated, we move onto the journey's crucial phase, i.e., to Go-Live. Our clients come to Machnet with a dream of launching their cross-border, and we make it possible for them. Our Customer Support  team is  a dedicated department established to solve the issues they are facing in the production environment. We continuously monitor the end users and their transactions, ensure all issues are resolved promptly and see to it that all operations take place smoothly. 

We continue to have regular calls with our clients to check in if they need any kind of support from us. The conversations can range from adding a new feature in their system to having a new security step in their platform to avoid fraudulent activities. Overall the goal of the department is now to help clients scale their business, increase their number of users and transactions.

As the partnership with clients is our duty, we take feedback calls with them every quarter to improve our performance to add more value to their journey. In Machnet, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients have a smooth partnership. 

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