Product Updates

Q2, 2022

Expand offerings to business users and payments

We have enhanced our existing APIs to allow you to provide cross-border payment services to businesses. Businesses can send payments to individual and business customers around the world for payroll, outsourced services, vendor payments and more. We conduct robust verification on the business users while still making sure they have a seamless experience. Contact us if you would like business payments to be enabled for you so you can start testing in sandbox right away!  

Better operations with our Dashboard

Our dashboard provides you with transparency and authority you need to serve your customers and build your business. You will be able to view and manage all your users and transactions from your personal dashboard account. We will continue to build additional features on our dashboard in the coming weeks to equip your business, operations, finance, and customer support teams for success. 

Disburse payments using Machpay

We now support payout of transactions in 120+ countries. You have the option to either use our end-to-end solution which includes origination and payout or just our payout solution based on your use case. Transactions can be created, updated and processed for payout using a single API, making integration quick and easy. 

Bring your own financial features to life? Start building in our Sandbox or request a demo.

Visit our features page to learn about existing capabilities, Explore our future releases using our public roadmap.