Product Updates

Q3, 2022

3D Secure to Authenticate payments

Our new 3D Secure integration allows Clients to authenticate users and make sure that the user is the rightful card owner. When 3DS is enabled for a Client, their users will have to verify cards directly with card issuers when creating transactions. No payments will go through unless the users authorize the transaction. It is an extra layer of security which our Clients can use to fight fraud and chargebacks.

Risk management behind the scenes

We continue to add new workflows for risk management which helps us detect potentially fraudulent transactions and make decisions accordingly. Our decisions also improve our machine learning models to help us continue to detect fraudulent transactions with more accuracy.

Same-day ACH for faster payments

Our PaaS clients can now benefit from settlement of ACH transactions on the same day. All transactions created by users using their bank account will be processed using same-day ACH, making your business operations smoother and faster.

Check users’ balance during transactions

We are checking the balance of users’ bank accounts to ensure that they have sufficient funds to fund their transactions. Balances of the user’s accounts are checked at multiple points during transaction creation and processing to make sure there are no returns due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF).

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