Build international bill payment solutions


Enable your customers to pay merchants, businesses, schools, hospitals etc. in the receiving country directly from the US


If you are integrated with local billers or aggregators in the receiving country/s, Machnet’s API enables you to offer international bill payment services to your customers.

bill payment dashboard

Designed for Developers

curl -X POST
/transactions \  
-HAccept: application/json’ \  
-HX-Client-Id: clientid’ \  
-H ‘X-Client-Secret: clientsecret’ \  
-H ‘X-Idempotency-Key: idempotencykey’ \  
-d { \    “sender_amount”: 0.01, \    
“exchange_rate”: 1.00, \
“recipient_amount”: 0.01, \
 “sender_funding_account_id”: “string”, \
    “payout_method”: “BANK_EPOSIT” \   


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