Build your application the way you want to

Below are some typical use cases of how our clients are offering different services to their end-users. If your use case is not on the list, get in touch to see how we can work together.

Offer remittance service, in a few weeks

Embed our services on your website and mobile app to start offering money transfer services to individual customers in the US.

Partner with Machnet to offer payout services if you are an MTO, NBFI, or FI.

offer remittance dashboard

Build bill payment solutions

Machnet’s Program is designed to enable our clients to be able to offer multiple value-added services to address cross-border-to-direct local payment requirements.

Our API allows our clients to integrate with Local Bill Payment Aggregators, Billers, Merchants, Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, etc. to allows their users to pay them directly.

bill payment dashboard

Offer business payments services to customers

Embed our services in your website and mobile app to offer business payments services

US Businesses to send global payments

Local individuals and businesses send invoices to their US clients to collect payments

business payment dashboard

Build “request-for-payment” platform

Enable your beneficiaries to request payments from their senders/payers in the US.

Allow your beneficiaries to create invoices and send to their Clients in the US to create a seamless payment collection process.

Local individuals and businesses to send invoices to their US clients to collect payments.

payment request dashboard

Collect payments from US customers 

If you are an international business or an individual who requires to collect payments from your US clients, you don’t need to worry about setting up a company in the US or paying high fees to a payment gateway provider.

Machnet provides you with all the tools so you can create an invoice and send it to a US business or individual who you need to collect payments from.

The payer will be able to pay your invoice using their Debit Card or directly from their Bank Account (ACH).

collect payments procedure

Pay your vendors, consultants, and employees - globally

Stop paying high fees to send single or mass payments globally.

Machnet platform is highly customizable to meet all your payment needs. Send payments to a bank account, wallets, cards, or any other instrument of your choice.

pay your vendors