Our custom API is flexible to suit your Business needs

Below are some typical use cases of how our clients have integrated our API to offer different services to their end users. 

P2P Transfer

P2P transfer

Clients who want to start their own remittance service in the US without having to invest in acquiring & maintaining State licenses, tech development, operation overhead etc. have integrated our programmable API or have utilized our full Web/App solution to launch within a few weeks. 

Business Payment

Business payment

We provide all the tools our clients need to onboard business users in the US for them to send payments around the world. 

Using Machnet’s API, our clients have built Invoicing Service to allow beneficiaries to receive payments from their clients in the US. 
Machnet’s custom API has the ability and flexibility to design your own business payment flow and ecosystem. 

Global Bill Payment

Global bills

Our clients can provide international bill payment services to their end users in the US to directly pay bills back home for themselves or their loved ones.

Our API supports 930+ billers across 93 countries. The user can select from the list of all available billers and conveniently query the balance owed on their bills, they can also be notified that they have a new bill due.

Localize Payment

Localized payments

Our clients know their local market and understand the various social payment requirements.  

Our clients have enabled their users in the US to pay for social security, healthcare, loan repayments, school fees etc. back home.
Our clients tell us what their local market needs are and how they can create a niche to be different than their competitors.