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Q3, '22

  • 3D Secure to Authenticate payments
  • Risk management behind the scenes
  • Same-day ACH for faster payments
  • Check users’ balance during transactions
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Q2, '22

  • Expand offerings to business users and payments
  • Better operations with our Dashboard
  • Disburse payments using Machpay
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Q1, '22

  • Enhanced tiers system 
  • Real-time settlement rates
  • Push payments to cards
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Q4, '21

  • Payment origination expansion to 50 states in the US
  • Self-serve Machnet sandbox
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Q2, '21

  • Bill payment services 
  • New and improved KYC API
  • Request to update user information 
  • Request coupon code and recurring payments features
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Q1, '21

  • Build promotional features
  • Payout to 45+ countries
  • Expansion of origination network to Canada
  • New API designed for payment processing
  • New off the self mobile app
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Building now

Push-to-Card US Domestic

Q1, '23

Users (individuals and businesses) in the US will be able to send funds to the US domestic VISA/Mastercard.

Push-to-Card US International

Q1, '23

Users (individuals and businesses) in the US will be able to send funds to the US International VISA/Mastercard.

Pay-in Countries Expansion

Q1, '23

Individual and business users will be able to send funds to a US beneficiary (individual and business) from Mexico, India and SEPA countries.

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