Payment Processing

Card, ACH and RTP

Our expertise is cross border money transfer & fintech. We have designed our platform to disburse and collect payments in real time.
payment processing


collect funds
Collect funds instantly with a higher authorization rate and built-in fraud and risk mitigation service to tremendously reduce chargebacks.

Get paid the same day or next day. With our daily morning and evening settlement cycles, get funds soon after the payment is submitted.


disburse funds
Disburse funds instantly to your customer’s accounts.

Your customers no longer need to wait days, or even hours for their wire or ACH funds to appear. Disburse funds using a customer's debit card or bank account number. Funds are available to your customers in seconds.

Supports 10+ networks
Including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and many more.
reduce fraud
Reduce Fraud
Additional security with the most advanced fraud solutions and payment authentication tools - EMV 3-D Secure, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Duplicate Account Check, AVSCVV2 / CVC2.
for developers
Developer Friendly
Integrate and move money with three easy endpoints.
Realtime Information
Our API provides you with card type, speed (instant or delayed), limit, and fee prior to disbursing funds.
connect your account
Connect user account
Easily connect the user's bank account to move money. Check account balance in real-time to reduce returns.

Additional security
Leverage Apple / Google Pay biometrics. Payment authentication with Visa 3-D Secure and Mastercard Secure Code.