Launch your super app for cross border money transfer & payments

3 mins
January 7, 2022

Machnet Technologies Inc.

launch your super app or mobile wallet app

When we talk about sending money to someone, especially back home to your family and friends, many of us these days think of a mobile wallet app – one you can use to transfer money with ease. Mobile wallets that are available in the US market offer very limited options, either you can send money to individuals or a business or a cause - making users look for multiple providers if they want to send more than just remittances or pay to a business. Cross-border payments super apps, on the other hand, are a very different proposition that must cater to consumers’ social and lifestyle needs.

We at Machnet provide a single API so that our clients can launch the next cross-border payments super app. We have integrated multiple services that our clients can offer to their end users but the goal is to enable our clients through our infrastructure to build hyper-niche value-added services for their unique users. 

Few services that can be accessed through our API are FDIC-insured US bank accounts, physical/virtual debit cards for the users to spend at any merchants and withdraw funds, send money to individuals and businesses across the world, international and US-domestic bill payments, mobile top-up, send gift cards and many more.

We are super excited to see what our clients can and will develop on top of our API to become competitive and serve their local diaspora and communities!

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