Product Updates

Q4, 2021

Payment origination expansion to 50 states in the US

In Q4, we doubled down on building our new system and APIs that allow you and your users to originate P2P and bill pay transactions from all 50 states in the US. You do not have to limit yourself to certain states and users anymore, you can provide your services and grow your user base throughout the US. With the new origination expansion to new states, we are also adding support to new payout countries for P2P transactions and still provide bill payment services to 930+ billers across 93 countries and top-up mobile in 26+ countries. We are keeping simplicity and ease of use front and center as we keep on adding new features and iterate on our solution.  For additional information on the new APIs, check out our API docs here

Self-serve Machnet sandbox

Our new dashboard allows you to play around with our new APIs. Just sign up and right away, you can start creating users, adding funds, and creating transactions through the dashboard itself or using your dedicated sandbox credentials to test our APIs. If you want customized sandbox credentials, you can contact us.

Start building your cross-border payments product with us. Try out our Sandbox or request a demo.

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