Product Updates

Q1, 2021

Build promotional features

We have made changes to our API to enable you to build promotional features for your money transfer service. Many have used the updated API to build coupon code features that provide bonus amounts to both acquire, convert and retain users.

Payout to 45+ countries 

We have continued to expand our disbursement network to now include 45+ countries. We support bank deposits, wallet payout, cash pick up and home delivery services based on the country.

Expansion of origination network to Canada

Our focus till date has been empowering you to originate transactions from the US. We have however recently expanded our origination network so that eligible clients can onboard and provide services to users in Canada. This is the first of many expansions we have planned for this year.  

New API designed for payments processing

We are excited to announce that along with our end-to-end money transfer API, we have designed a completely new API especially for payment processing. Using our Payments API, you can easily debit or credit bank accounts in the US. Please find the new and improved Payments API docs here

New off-the-shelf mobile app

While we provide APIs for our clients to build their own platform, we also provide off-the-shelf platforms for our clients which now includes both web and mobile applications. Clients can go live with the off-the-shelf platform within 3 weeks! Schedule a demo with us to learn more.

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