Product Updates

Q2, 2021

Bill payment services 

You can now expand your services to provide bill payment services to 930+ billers across 93 countries and top-up mobile in 26+ countries. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss further.

New and improved KYC API

We have recently launched our KYC API to improve overall user experience and help you build seamless applications. You will now be able to design the KYC flow based on your needs by using our API with only sensitive information being passed through a minimalistic widget. You can review the KYC API and sensitive information widget in our docs. 

Request to update user information 

You can now request to update sender and beneficiary information from your Machnet dashboard. This will allow you to quickly attend requests from your clients. We will also be sending out webhooks when sender and beneficiary information is updated so that you can update your systems accordingly.

Request coupon code and recurring payments features

Our standard web and mobile platform clients can now request coupon code and recurring payments features. You will not only be able to provide additional value to your users as part of your marketing strategy, users will also be able to schedule recurring payments, inherently increasing their engagement with your platform. You can contact us for more information on this and other additional features.

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