Product Updates

Q1, 2022

Enhanced tiers system 

We have enhanced our tier system for more flexibility and better user experience for you and your users. Transaction limits will be based on the information provided by the user and you can customize the flow for information collection as you want in your applications. We have made our tiering system very fluid to match your application needs. You will also have better visibility on the information provided, its verification statuses and possible transaction limits. More power to you!

Real-time settlement rates

We have built new APIs which provide you settlement rates on a real-time basis. We want to help you make calculated decisions on exchange rates so you can reduce your risks yet remain competitive in the market. 

Push payments to cards

Using this new addition to our Payments API, receivers do not need to wait hours and days for their payments[u1] ! You can instantly push payments to a user’s debit card. Our product is compliant and easy to integrate and our team is eager to talk to you about your use case. 

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